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Expert Advice and Help

We get that not everyone is an electrical prodigy. Green2Go is about helping you make the task at hand easier by having experts in the rental power and light field available to you. Our goal is simple...make the experience you have with Green2Go rental power & light a good one. No matter what. More Detail
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Project Management

This is where Green2Go shines! Equipment can be rented anywhere. Sadly many companies have quickly jumped into the rental power and light market and have lost the art of seeing your project through. Green2Go isn't half committed to your project. Every rental receives the commitment it deserves. More Detail

Enviromental Awareness

The "green" movement has been going on for years but many times the choice is between the environment and the budget. Green2Go is making that easier in the rental power and light world. Green2Go is adding products that save you money and save the earth from contaminants. More Detail

Rapid Response - 24/7

It's amazing how things go wrong at the worst possible time. No problem for Green2Go! We understand emergencies, we understand sense of urgency, and we understand you need help now. More Detail